The Industry's BEST Support is Always Free from FULLfocus™ Software

Our FULLfocus™ is on Your Success

We're not just a software company. We're also a partner who is fully committed to your success.

Our business model ensures we only succeed if you succeed!

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Unlimited Training and Support Included

Everything you need is in one system, one database and from one vendor – even customer portals and full websites. No expensive and messy integrations to do. No orchestrating multiple vendors to get and keep your management software and company processes running smoothly. No fuzzy lines of accountability for support. All the management tools you need in the most advanced technology available - and with your own support team continually by your side.

What kind of support do I get?

A barrier FULLfocus™ has removed is in supporting only the software. It’s in our best interest to provide a broad range of support:

TECHNOLOGY. All types of hardware and software technology purchase and implementation decisions. No, we don’t sell stuff - we share our experience and knowledge.

WORK PROCESS OPTIMIZATION. We help you implement high-tech industry techniques that significantly reduce costs and employee burn-out.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. We guarantee to increase your customers’ satisfaction and appreciation of what you do.

VENDOR MANAGEMENT. We’re happy to guide your implementation of FULLfocus™ automated systems for controlling who works where, what they do, and that License/Insurance/Bonds/etc. are continually kept current.

MARKETING. We provide you with customized marketing materials to use with bid packets and advertising.

How much free support and training do I get?

Because there's no contract minimum time period, charge, upfront purchase, or setup fees you can cancel and walk away at any time. We only succeed when you do.

The only way we can guarantee your success is if there are no barriers to your seeking as much support, when and how you need it.

We made a purposeful decision to remove the typical support barrier - COST.

What about access to support?

Finally, a third barrier FULLfocus™ has removed is access.

Call us - we pick up the phone! Wee hours of the mornings, late at night, weekends - we pick up the phone.

Email us if you prefer - you'll get a response within 2 hours. Our on-line meeting technology allows us to share access between your computer at your location and our computer at ours immediately to immediately work together to solve your problems or show you how to do something.


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