Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Our team of ex-NASA engineers applied the best ideas of their decades of experience managing complex data to an easy to use system that helps Property Management Professionals get more done, in less time, and from anywhere.

We’ve produced a different kind of software because we’re a different kind of software company.

FULLfocus™ Software was founded in 2001 and was driven by the principals’ collective 24-years involvement with, and service on, Community Associations Boards in a range of capacities. Through that experience they developed an understanding of Community Association requirements and the problems facing Community Association Managers as they worked to fulfill those requirements.

Our Vision

The Principals saw that the challenges faced by Community Association Management teams had much in common with those they faced managing electronics industry product development projects. Namely, the breadth of information, multitude and variety of tasks, and communication and accountability pitfalls that arise with meeting the individual demands of Board Members and community residents while managing internal personnel and external vendors to provide a variety of services and deliverables per contract requirements.

They discovered that there was no truly comprehensive Community Association operations management software for management’s non-accounting related responsibilities. There was modularized software that offered rudimentary task plug-ins to accounting systems for performing individual tasks – a module for sending Violation letters, a module for generating Work Orders, etc. but no holistic management and process automation software like that they took for granted in the electronics industry to achieve high levels of task and communication efficiency, increase quality and reliability of deliverables, and provide very significant operations cost reductions. As a consequence, Community Association management personnel had to spend a great amount of time and energy navigating various islands of isolated information and working with disparate manual processes to get their jobs done. So the FULLfocus™ team worked with a wide variety of community association management company owners and personnel to develop a state-of-the-art software and database system to fill that need – the FULLfocus™ Cloud-9 Management System. They also saw that there was another technology problem needing a solution – the support model of software that existed in the industry at that time created a big cost barrier to most Community Association Management companies and master communities. It created a cost barrier to mid-size and small companies even acquiring the software. And, to those who could acquire the software, it too often presented a barrier to successful implementation of the software within the company’s operation. The Principals decided to tackle that problem too and make it not only technologically superior but also the most successfully implemented by the customer base. They decided the product would be a full technology package of not only software and database but also include – at no extra cost – unlimited support, training, process improvement consultations, and product upgrades.

We’re proud to be able to say that our vision for technology and support has been very successful – we’ve never had a failed implementation and we have a 100% customer retention rate. We’re also proud that with direction of, and requests from, our customers we’re continually growing FULLfocus™, both adding functionality and advancing technology and platforms. To our customers FULLfocus™ isn’t a product – it’s a partner.